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Hey I'm Brie, and I am a mindset and anxiety coach working with moms to develop ore confidence while developing their businesses so that you'll have a life filled with FREEDOM, WEALTH AND JOY! I help mommypreneurs and mommies of all walks of life, learn how to overcome anxiety and maintain or develop a healthy mindset around being a mommy, a partner, growing a successful business and attracting your dream client! BUT FIRST...we have to work on you, right! THAN, you can live out your dreams of working from home in your sweatpants (LOL). 


I know you can not wait to grow to the point where you no longer worry about fears around just doing it, going for it and now its your time to just TAKE ACTION! Because let's face it, as a have a lot of other stuff you could be doing. Am I right girl friend

I know..I know..I know....


Trying to figure out where to start is so stressful, overwhelming and may seem life a daunting task. But guess what!? You have me now and I am going to walk you through it all. You are not alone...I got you! 


About Brie

When trying to find a coach that suited me, the last thing that I'd be looking for is "the perfect mom, with the perfect life." This is why I want to show up for you, and the real, genuine me and give you the strength to know that each one of our struggles gives us the courage that we didn't even realize we possess. 


If I told you that I was divorced by 25, raising a child alone, and studying to finish school- and now have a happy marriage, a Master's degree, two more children and a thriving business by 35, what would you think? What a difference 10 years can make. 


BUT it doesn't have to be that long for you! My story is full of many ups and downs, but along the way, I have learned ways to pick myself up and grow. THAT is what I want to bottle up and give to you. Throughout my life, I have learned that no matter your story, God will give you beauty for ashes and I believe that we are stronger for it. I am able to help so many women as I have experienced so many things and learned to turn them around into something beautiful. As a mommy, I have utilized each and every challenge and learned how to transform that challenge into something where I can help you. I have helped so many women in their season of single parenthood, conquering life after divorce, dating as a mom, and regaining confidence (we call it Momfidence), to name a few. Everything that you go through can be turned INTO something beautiful. From a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly, the process is just that A PROCESS, but at the end, there is a magnificent strength that endurance brings. But the best part about the process is you no longer have to transform yourself alone. I will continue to walk alongside you. 

So I ask you...where do you see yourself 5 years from now or maybe even 6 months from now? Are you doing what you've closed your eyes to visualize all of those years ago? If so, I will help you get there! But first to get you started here's a FREE Mommy Affirmation List to get you started in affirming yourself in all of your amazingness! 


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“Every mom needs a life coach friend like Brie in their life. She helped me avoid slipping into a deep sadness due to circumstances (I thought) were out of my control. She helped me change my focus from what I could not do, to what I am now doing. Her genuine concern for me is refreshing--her bubbly optimism is contagious--I am in a happier place as I have focused my energy where it should be focused. Brie helpedme with that and I am so grateful for her. ”

L. Davis

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